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About Rahels Musi in English

Rahels Musi – a short info about Rahels Musi in english language

Happy Bavarian music!
Let yourself be enchanted and infected by the cheerfulness of Bavarian music.

Whether at a company party, garden party, birthday or, inauguration – we are at home everywhere and reach people’s hearts.

We are flexible, mobile and adapt to the local conditions.

Bavarian music

Bavarian festival music, a good atmosphere and happy music to celebrate – you will be satisfied with Rahels Musi! We look forward to encouraging you and your guests to sing along.

Religious music

On the other hand, you can also book us as a sacred music group; Our repertoire includes almost all pieces of classical music that you would like to hear at spiritual events, church services, processions or similar.

Christmas time

At Christmas time, for example, we are on the road as Santa Clauses or Mrs. Santa and conjure up a devotional atmosphere for your guests with classic Christmas carols such as „Silent Night“, or we inspire with cheerful Christmas carols such as „Jingle Bellls“.

On the other hand, we can celebrate a Tyrolean mountain Christmas with you in traditional costume.


Regardless of the line-up, Rahels Musi makes your event an experience. Happy, hearty and original Bavarian music.

  • A serenade with the 4 musicians in grandma’s livingroom?
  • A small company party or a large club party?
  • Or the really big event with the 10-person festival tent music?


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